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Solution for ASP.NET routing on GoDaddy shared hosting

photo © 2009 Caitlin Childs | more info (via: Wylio ) I was doing a bit of research to try and find some nuggets of information on URL rewriting, especially with regard to GoDaddy’s shared hosting (I run this website (and others) on GoDaddy). I found this article in Google’s cache but the original site ( has gone away (I presume the domain wasn’t renewed). The article was by CodeBeater’s admin. I didn’t want it to disappear into the ether as I can certainly see me using it in the future...


PCPlus 286: Cutting cloth

Come October 2009, it was time to write about some algorithm I knew nothing about. And so it was that I delved into two-dimensional bin packing; prompted by a reader question about how to cut cloth efficiently and aiming for the smallest waste possible. It turns out that this is a fascinating area of research that has applications all over the place (a variant is the memory heap problem , or how to allocate memory such that you minimize the amount of wasted memory in between the allocated memory...


IIS and ASP.NET 404 redirects and GoDaddy

So, last night I was working on my URL shortening website ( and the application that generates the short URLs and that redirects existing ones to the actual URLs. And for some unknown reason, the redirections just weren’t working on the actual website. I’d get server errors (even “404-Not Found” server errors) and my redirection ASPX page just didn’t seem to get called. It was, to be polite, a mess. And, because it was late at night and I was tired I was flailing around trying stupid stuff...


PCPlus 285: Calculating Pi

With the September 2009 article, I decided to present a discussion of how the constant π (pi) was calculated in antiquity and over the ages, together with a layman’s rehash of an article I’d written a while ago on how to write a program to calculate it. The nice thing about writing code to calculate π is that it shows off Machin’s formula and writing a minimal “big number” library to perform the calculation. I did come up with a fascinating fact to round off the article: it took 33 hours for a Ferranti...


Wylio: Inserting photos into blog posts, simply

photo © 2007 Beverly | more info (via: Wylio ) UPDATE (6-Feb-2017) Wylio still exists, but is now a paid subscription, plus in making it so they broke all their previous photo URLs. Having just spent a couple of hours redoing the markup for all the photos I've used, I do not recommend it at all any more. Wylio is this great little online tool for inserting photos into your blog posts. In essence, it allows you to search for photos published on Flickr under the Creative Commons license (“you are free...