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Rubik’s Cube iPhone app

A couple of months ago I finished an article for PCPlus about algorithms for solving Rubik’s Cube. It’ll appear in issue 298 in September 2010. As part of my research I came across this article and video on Wired about an iPhone app that helped you solve it and, more than that, solve it in a remarkably small number of moves (usually 20 or fewer) using Kociemba’s algorithm . The free app (called CubeCheater) was written by Eric Faller. Unfortunately it seems he didn’t request permission from Seven...


PCPlus 283: Learning the ropes

For July 2009, I managed to snuff out something about ropes , a kind of heavier programming type than string. Apart from the pun/joke, it was an interesting article to research. I have no recollection any more about how I came across the rope type; presumably it was through a late night surfing session, fueled with some microbrew. Ropes are like strings in that they store text, but unlike strings in that the bytes making up the text are no longer contiguous in memory. A rope will split up the text...


Restoring a system from Windows Home Server

Recently it seems that I’ve been banging my head against the ceiling of my 128GB drive in my laptop. My drive comes up red in Windows Explorer every now and then and red is the color that makes you panicky. And before you say, “128GB? How old is this laptop?” let me explain that it’s an SSD and that’s all I could afford at the time I upgraded the drive. Newegg had a deal on this week with the Crucial ReadSSD 256GB — the price has since gone up again — so...