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Bye-bye, MacBook Pro; Hello, Dell XPS 15z

After some 8 months of really trying to use it as my main machine for everything I do, I’m converting my MacBook Pro back into a Mac OS X only machine. In replacement, I just received a Dell XPS 15z. The brief history went like this. Back in October last year, I thought I’d try using a Mac as my main machine. Hence I bought a 13 inch MacBook Pro, bought AppleCare, decked it out with 8GB RAM and a 500GB Seagate hybrid drive, installed Mac OS X as the main OS, and VMware’s Fusion...


PCPlus 296: How to find a face

For the July 2010 issue, something rather cool: face detection. How does a program (such as that one in your point-and-click camera) work out from an image whether there is a face in it, and if so where it is? The algorithm most used is the Viola-Jones classifier algorithm. Basically the way it works is not to try and identify a face in the image, but instead to analyze the image for certain rectangular “features” – no, not facial features, something altogether more basic than that – and then classify...


JavaScript for C# programmers: wrapping an existing function to add extra functionality

I was answering a JavaScript question on stackoverflow when a common usage scenario presented itself, one with a subtle gotcha that could catch you out. Perfect for a quick blog post. (Note: you could also view this post as an adjunct to my popular JavaScript callback posts ( I , II , III ).) My solution to the problem involved adding some extra precondition code to an existing event handler. The event was the plotclick event of the jQuery Flot charting library , so the original event handler code...


Adding sharing links to the blog–JavaScript edition

The story so far : in essence I’ve added AddThis and Google +1 support to this blog using their “simple” markup. Unfortunately, the simple way breaks XHTML validation using the W3C validator because of the non-standard attributes ( addthis:url , addthis:title ) and elements ( g:plusone ). As I said previously, time to break out the JavaScript. Let’s do this in reverse order, starting with the +1 button. The reason for doing it this way round is that Google’s documentation was easier to follow, and...


Adding sharing links to the blog

Up to now, I’ve used an old plug-in to GraffitiCMS to serve up a set of sharing buttons on this blog. Old as in the code used to have (until I took it out) a link for Furl – remember that? No, I don’t either. photo © 2006 MyEyeSees | more info Prompted by a blog post by Nick Hodges , I signed up to AddThis and have now added their sharing toolbar to my posts. It wasn’t quite as simple as it made out though. I have two main type of pages where I want the sharing toolbar to appear: the index page and...


Volvo Club of America National Meet 2011

On Saturday 18 June, I attended the VCOA (Volvo Club of America) National Meet in Lindsborg, Kansas, to show off 64SAINT, my Volvo 1800S. Sounds simple enough, except how was I going to get there? It was 440 miles “door-to-door”. Was 64SAINT up to it? A week or so before the trip, I had Concours Cars service the car and also get rid of the crappy boy-racer exhaust (why, oh why did the guy who restored it damage the look with this monstrosity?) and replace it with a dual tail pipe more-in-line-with...


PCPlus 295: Raytracing revealed

This article followed on from the previous, as it happened. You see I’d painstakingly drawn the figures for the pentominoes article in Adobe Illustrator and I got to wondering if there was an easier way to create them. I half-remembered about ray-tracing (my friend Duncan had created some great images a while back) and so I looked it up. A couple of links later I had POV-Ray downloaded and installed and was playing around. Naturally, the ray-traced image I spent most time on for this article was...


EZDSL for Delphi XE

Just a quick one: I’ve updated EZDSL to support Delphi XE. Seeing as I only have Delphi XE installed these days, this is the only compiler I can now certify as working with EZDSL. I guess the earlier ones will still work just fine, but I no longer have the time or the will to check. photo © 2007 Carlos Goulão | more info (via: Wylio ) There is one change that I missed from last time: there’s a PChar in EZDSLBSE.PAS that should be changed to PAnsiChar , although you’ll have to IFDEF it because Delphi...