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If Null, don’t email, Frontier Airlines

Handy hint, Frontier Airlines: if you don’t have my name in your database, just don’t send the email: You look like complete idiots. Now playing: Bassomatic - Rat Cut-A-Bottle (from Set the Controls for the Heart of the Bass )...


Apple’s Lightning to 30-pin Adapter

The iPhone 5 comes with a new connector: out with the decade-old 30-pin dock connector and in with the Lightning connector. The new connector is way smaller (meaning that iOS devices can be even thinner than before), doesn’t depend on being inserted the ”right side up”, and of course just doesn’t work with all those devices you may have had with the old connector. At the time Apple promised an adapter to convert from old to new and also provided new USB cables. In our house we have a couple of iHome...


PCPlus 313: Evaluating a human

I can’t remember the genesis of this particular article on the Turing Test, but this year being the centenary of Alan Turing’s birth certainly makes it very apt a year later. In essence, in the early 50s Turing was considering the question: can machines ever be said to think? He was at the time involved in the building of the first general-purpose computer and, based on his work with the theoretical programmable machines now known as Turing machines, was pondering how intelligent these computers...