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QoS in the router and Gotomeeting

As I mentioned in my last post I’ve bought a new router for home, installed Tomato on it, and, in itsy-bitsy writing at the end, noted that I’d turned on Quality of Service (QoS) on the router. All was good. Fast forward to this afternoon when I chaired a Gotomeeting conference call with the DXSquad . These guys are the unpaid volunteers who help DevExpress out on the forums and in the Support Center. We’d not chatted together for a while, so this was an opportunity to catch up. Anyway, the call...


Updating our home network router

There were several cascading events in the run up to buying a new router: Our Windows Home Server had a hardware hiccup, probably due to overheating during the Waldo Canyon fire (we had to keep the windows shut because of the smoke, but the weather was extremely hot). For a while it just wouldn’t boot properly at all. I decided to purchase a NAS server to replace the WHS, just in case I couldn’t resurrect it. (No point in buying another WHS: Microsoft had already announced its demise.) I picked the...


Photographing art behind glass

A couple of weekends ago, prompted by the Waldo Canyon fire, we catalogued and photographed all the maps, art, and photographs we have hanging on our walls. Just in case there’s another disaster when, somehow, we’re not quite as lucky as we were with the fire, and have to claim for them all from the insurance. Problem is, if you photograph something that’s behind glass straight on, you get a reflection of you, the photographer, in the picture. There are various techniques you can...


New gauges for the Volvo 1800S

My Volvo has been in the shop at Concours Cars for the past month having its annual makeover, coinciding with a bunch of business travel I had for DevExpress. This time it was the gauges (tachometer, oil and water temperature, speedometer, fuel gauge, oil pressure, and clock) that needed to be refurbished or renovated and replaced. As there was also a split in the dashboard cover, that was replaced as well. As an example why I got this done, here’s a photo of the speedo and tach taken by the seller...


My first Volvo 1800S

Donna just sent me this link to a news article about Irv Gordon approaching his 3 million mile goal in his original 1966 Volvo 1800S. He’s only 40,000 miles away. Blimey. Now in mine, I’m nowhere near that (of course, he adds, obviously), but I’ll point out that mine is the second one I’ve owned. My first one was a 1969 model (normally aspirated, two-litre) that I owned in England before I came over to the States in 1993. I eventually had to sell it in 1998 when it became...


Hello, Dell XPS 15z, Part Deux

Just under a year ago I purchased a Dell XPS 15z to replace my 13-inch MacBook Pro . Since then, I’ve used the machine as my main workhorse PC, retiring my UDR desktop completely. During that time I’ve really enjoyed using the laptop, with just a few caveats: It comes with two video adapters, an Intel HD Graphics 3000 on the motherboard and an NVIDIA GT 525M. The Intel adapter powers the laptop screen and the Mini DisplayPort, whereas the NVIDIA powers the HDMI port. This means, in effect, I can...


Takuzu, or the Binary Puzzle

When we were in Paris in April (yes, April in Paris !), I read Le Figaro every day to catch up on the election news (Sarkozy vs. Hollande vs. Le Pen) and to help try improve my French comprehension. While the latter was fairly successful, I was diverted by the puzzles page. Not only was there a Sudoku puzzle, but there was another puzzle I hadn’t seen before called Takuzu. It’s a fill-in-the-grid logic puzzle, but unlike Sudoku you can only use 0s and 1s. Here’s an example from...