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Confession time: I love old maps

For fun, and also because they look good framed, hanging on a wall, I collect old maps. And, I’ll admit it, I just love looking at the intricate detail and marveling at the cartographer’s ability to create these figures with, what is after all, some very primitive tools. Sometimes you can get some sense of the history of a region by looking at its maps. As an example, here are several images of some of the maps I have of England, all zooming in on Yorkshire. I’ll go from the oldest...


New toy, yet essential: Kindle Fire HDX

For the past two years, I’ve carried an essential bit of kit along with me on flights. Given that I make at least one trip – two flights – per month (this year will actually work out at 38 flights all told for the year, so three flights per month), I actually spend a lot of time on planes. Not as much as some travellers, to be sure, but enough. To help pass the time, I’ve got into the habit of ripping and downloading DVDs onto a mobile device (or equivalently buying the download from Amazon) so that...