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WOFF files and Azure: the 404 conundrum

More than anything, this is going to be a discussion about testing, but the headline is all. Lazy tester This afternoon, in trying to keep cool inside on this hot day, I thought I’d remove the Google Ads on this site. Frankly they were a pain in the neck to design for: they used to be a sidepanel on the right and trying to get the code to make them disappear when the browser window was too small width-wise was just annoying. Plus the ads were being loaded anyway even if they weren’t being displayed...


My new homepage

There’s a TV program on the BBC at the moment that we’re watching called Celebrity Masterchef . In it a bunch of celebrities (90% of which are completely unknown to me) tackle preparing and cooking dishes, competing against each other for the best one, well presented. There’s a couple of jokey judges (who I again have never heard of) to shake their heads in wonderment at the inability of the “celebrity in the street” to actually cook something appetizing. After watching a few of these, we’re getting...