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Scam HTTP_REFERER problem

My wife has a small blog for her hobby. I am, for my sins, her IT guy for it. She posts to it about once a week, maybe twice, and of course, after every post there’s a small uptick in views. All nice and normal. About a couple of months ago, I began to notice something weird happening. There was one post in particular that was getting 50-75% of all the views per day. There was nothing too striking about the post itself, but we laughed it off, imagining that it was obviously remarkable enough that...


Beware standards: a JSON story

Actually it’s more like a couple of little cautionary tales in one. If you’re a developer, I’m sure you’re familiar with the concept of JSON, a very simple data format used for transferring data from computer to computer, from application to application. So simple in fact, it’s pretty much replaced XML as the way to transfer some data over the internet. It was first invented by Douglas Crockford as a natural extension of his work with JavaScript, with the name standing for “JavaScript Object Notation...