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404 reporting

Scripted hacks One of the widget plug-ins I use in this blog is one that gathers the URLs people use to access content here and that result in a 404 Not Found error. Those erroneous URLs get logged and, as admin, I can view them through the widget’s UI. The widget was written by an old mate, Scott Cate, for the GriffitiCMS blog engine (sorry, “CMS” engine), which is what I use here. He gave me the code a couple of years back and I’ve extended it a little to be able to clear the logs of the 404 errors...


Updating to Macbook Air to macOS Sierra

Despite being, essentially, a Windows developer, I do own a Mac, specifically a mid-2013 MacBook Air. I use it … occasionally, let us say, mostly for iOS development. One day, there may be more to it, but that relaxed rationale is about it for now. Anyway, Apple just released macOS Sierra , the latest operating system for Macs (they’ve moved from the OS X name to macOS to match their taxonomy for iOS and watchOS). For my own purposes I wanted to quickly note how I did it, since every time I try this...


Making a stack persistent or immutable

A while ago I wrote a book on algorithms and data structures, in my case for Delphi. It’s still on sale , but regrettably somewhat out of date, given the changes to the language in the last 15 years (I’m thinking of the new support for generics in particular). While on my vacation over the last couple of weeks I started thinking about writing a new series of blog posts on data structures, and what easier than updating the book into a new generics-capable one? There was one drawback: I haven’t done...