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Backups, Schmackups

Today we learned that Code42 are going to be shuttering their CrashPlan for Home product . If you use it – and I do – you have around 14 months to find something else and switch your online backups to another provider. Backups… I’m sure, or rather, I would hope , that you do regular backups. For us here at home, it’s complicated: daily file backup to our Synology NAS, weekly full disk backup to an external drive I only connect when doing the backups (that way, I can grab it and go if there’s an emergency...


Calculating the Net Present Value for the Tesla solar roof…

…in which your blogger finds he has to take several deep breaths at the sheer vacuity and cluelessness of an anti-Tesla-solar-roof guy who tries to use a Net Present Value calculation to show that said solar roofing is not worth it. In essence, he’s saying, “I think it’s crap, ergo I’ll fudge something I don’t understand to show I’m right.” <another deep breath> Let’s see what the issue is. There’s an article on Inverse (not a site I’ve come across before) that discusses how much one of Tesla...