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GraffitiCMS has been released as Open Source

It's finally happened. After almost a year of no progress on GraffitiCMS, the blogging engine I use for this site, it's now available as open source on CodePlex , using a Microsoft Reciprocal License (Ms-RL). Go get it! Now playing: Yello - Distant Solution (from The Eye )...


Backing up SQL Server database with GoDaddy

Nearly two weeks ago, I converted this site to use SQL Server as the database engine. Without a doubt, having the database on another server separate from the main web server has helped the speed of this site dramatically, so much so that I've added features like the "top five most popular posts" gadget to the first sidebar and "other similar posts" to each blog post (when they're displayed on their own). The only problem that I've had is that my backups of the site have reduced...


Street View through Stonehenge

Something I hadn't realized before (and I certainly don't remember reading about) is that Google have added Street View through the stones at Stonehenge . This is just the most wonderful use of Street View to date: Also, when the Google Street View guy wandered around the stones, I think they had exclusive access, since there's just not that many people around, caught in the photos. It's almost as if you were there alone. Great stuff. Now playing: Swing Out Sister - Stoned Soul Picnic (from Shapes...