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Wacky text format with Posterous

This has got to be seen to be believed. When you email a multi-paragraph post to Posterous, it formats it, shall we say, differently than anything else I've seen. Each paragraph is not enveloped in <p> and </p> pairs. Nothing at all in fact. However, CR/LFs are stripped and between each paragraph you get a <p />. GraffitiCMS doesn't mess with this, and so the post on my blog looks ... weird. Now fixed on the blog (I love having the source!). Mind you I'm just waiting to...


Quick blogging via Posterous

Back a couple of months ago I set up a Posterous account as an experiment to see whether I could get anything between micro-blogging ( Twitter ) and macro-blogging ( my main blog , using Windows Live Writer). Posterous was interesting because you compose a blog post as an email sent to a special email address, so it would work from my iPhone as well as from Outlook and Gmail. Worked pretty well, except for one thing: I could not cross-post my Posterous posts to my personal blog. They were arriving...