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“The Islanders” by Christopher Priest

While we were away last week in Paris for the Marathon, I finished The Islanders , a novel by one of my favorite authors, Christopher Priest. Well, actually, I find it hard to call it a novel. It is novel certainly, but a novel? To call it so might imply that it has some kind of plot and a protagonist who changes and learns throughout the story. Instead The Islanders is something way more. First of all, it is structured as a gazetteer, a guidebook to the Dream Archipelago, a belt of islands that...


More TVM–calculating the IRR

My insurance company allows me to pay for our car insurance by monthly premiums instead of the usual premium once every 6 months. For this option, they just divide the total six-monthly premium by six to give the monthly premium, and then charge a $5 “processing fee” per month on top. I decided to take a look at how much this actually cost me. (For background on the Time Value of Money – TVM – see parts 1 and 2 .) Let’s say, for sake of argument, that our total car insurance...