Chaining fun with window.onload

I set myself a task: write some raw JavaScript for a web page. By raw, I mean no jQuery, no Prototype, no MooTools, just me and the editor.

Because I wanted to reduce the effect I had on the global footprint, I declared one global object like so.

var FOO = {
    // stuff

    initialize: function() {
        // setup stuff

So far so good. I then wanted that initialize() function to run once the page was loaded. The immediate solution was this:

window.onload = FOO.initialize;

But that causes a problem in that, when the browser runs initialize(), the this parameter will not point to FOO, but (presumably) to something like window. Meh. Another issue: what if window.onload was already set to something? I'd be stomping on it. I should instead call the old function and then call mine.

Some messing around later, I came up with this:

var FOO = {
    // stuff

    initialize: function() {
        // setup stuff
    addLoadHandler: function(func) {
        var that = this;
        var oldEventHandler = window.onload;
        window.onload = function() {
            if (oldEventHandler) {


What's happening here?  First of all, I'm now calling a method called FOO.addLoadHandler and passing the FOO.initialize function to it. This first takes a copy of the this parameter (which is FOO) in a variable called that. It then takes a copy of the current value of window.onload, and then sets it to a new anonymous function. The really cool thing about this function is the closure: it has access to the func parameter, and the that and oldEventHandler variables when it is called. It checks to see if oldEventHandler has a value and if so calls it. After that it calls the passed in func.

Since we don't know what this is pointing to on the call to the anonymous function (or, rather, we're not that interested), we need to call the func parameter with the saved that object, so that inside func this is pointing to the right object. This is done through the call method.

And that's it. The code ensures that I'm chaining the existing handler (if any) for the window.onload event, and that my initialize() method is called with this set to the correct object.

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