Losing Permissions with GoDaddy

I noticed this a couple of weeks ago, but couldn't pin it down to anything. All of a sudden, the Graffiti application used to run this blog suddenly stopped working, throwing up its generic error page. After a little bit of investigation why, I found out that the write permissions on the blog root folder had been cleared.

So I set them back, and promptly forgot about it.

Well, it happened again yesterday afternoon and the only thing that I had done with regard to my website configuration was to create a new subdomain of boyet.com: acting.boyet.com. This is a convenient place to hold my acting résumé (I had an audition yesterday afternoon, and I thought this would be an ideal short URL to write down on the audition form — no slashes or other weird characters).

It seems that adding the new subdomain to boyet.com did two things. First, it added the target folder for the subdomain to my IIS settings. Don't know why, but I removed it. And then, second, it cleared the write permissions to my blog subdomain and without write permissions, Graffiti can't run and throws up the error page.

And then I remembered what had happened last time this had happened: I'd just registered imetjulian.com and added it to my hosting account.

So, bear this in mind when you have a hosting account with GoDaddy: if you are configuring your domains in your hosting account (either adding new ones, or adding a subdomain, or possibly removing some), the domain configuration application may reset any write permissions you may have set on folders. If you have one of these folders as an application root — and, really, there's no other reason to have write permissions set — then the application probably won't run properly. After you've finished configuring your domains, check any write permissions you may have set.

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3 Responses

#1 Gilda Betancourt said...
08-Dec-08 7:23 AM

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-Gilda from Viola, NY.

#2 Alicia said...
10-Dec-08 11:19 AM

Hi Julian,

I stumbled upon your article and looked in to this further. We tried to reproduce what you are experiencing and were not able to duplicate.

We do add the folder and virtual directory as you describe. We don't reset the permissions on the parent folder. If the folder exists we don't set any permissions on it either. If the folder does not exist, we create it and it inherits permissions from the parent.

The default in the Hosting Control Center is for the subdomain folder to be placed at the root of the site. Using the default, the subdomain would not have had write permissions to its folder.

It would be helpful to get some more details on the steps you are performing so we can work through this.


Alicia R.

Go Daddy Hosting

#3 Jerry W said...
17-Apr-09 8:10 PM

I am having the same problems. I am trying to configure Joombla and it keeps resetting the write permissions to nonb-writtable within only a few seconds. I have already reset them upwords of 30 times.

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