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Upgrading hardware: Dell XPS 15z and XPS 12

We’re getting close to the conference season at work: in June I’m going to both TechEd US in New Orleans and //build/ in San Francisco . Rather than cart around my very unloved Surface RT (haven’t used it in possibly two months), I’ve been dithering about buying an Intel Windows 8 machine, a touch device, say a convertible.I’ve had my eye on two possibilities, the Surface Pro and the Dell XPS 12. Since none of the touch machines available right now just aren’t powerful or expansive enough to be my...


Hello, Dell XPS 15z, Part Deux

Just under a year ago I purchased a Dell XPS 15z to replace my 13-inch MacBook Pro . Since then, I’ve used the machine as my main workhorse PC, retiring my UDR desktop completely. During that time I’ve really enjoyed using the laptop, with just a few caveats: It comes with two video adapters, an Intel HD Graphics 3000 on the motherboard and an NVIDIA GT 525M. The Intel adapter powers the laptop screen and the Mini DisplayPort, whereas the NVIDIA powers the HDMI port. This means, in effect, I can...


Bye-bye, MacBook Pro; Hello, Dell XPS 15z

After some 8 months of really trying to use it as my main machine for everything I do, I’m converting my MacBook Pro back into a Mac OS X only machine. In replacement, I just received a Dell XPS 15z. The brief history went like this. Back in October last year, I thought I’d try using a Mac as my main machine. Hence I bought a 13 inch MacBook Pro, bought AppleCare, decked it out with 8GB RAM and a 500GB Seagate hybrid drive, installed Mac OS X as the main OS, and VMware’s Fusion...