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404 reporting

Scripted hacks One of the widget plug-ins I use in this blog is one that gathers the URLs people use to access content here and that result in a 404 Not Found error. Those erroneous URLs get logged and, as admin, I can view them through the widget’s UI. The widget was written by an old mate, Scott Cate, for the GriffitiCMS blog engine (sorry, “CMS” engine), which is what I use here. He gave me the code a couple of years back and I’ve extended it a little to be able to clear the logs of the 404 errors...


IIS and ASP.NET 404 redirects and GoDaddy

So, last night I was working on my URL shortening website ( and the application that generates the short URLs and that redirects existing ones to the actual URLs. And for some unknown reason, the redirections just weren’t working on the actual website. I’d get server errors (even “404-Not Found” server errors) and my redirection ASPX page just didn’t seem to get called. It was, to be polite, a mess. And, because it was late at night and I was tired I was flailing around trying stupid stuff...


Scott Cate's 404 manager for GraffitiCMS

File this under the, duh, why didn't I think of that category. Scott Cate has written a neat little widget/Chalk extension for Graffiti CMS that tracks 404s on your website. Actually it's in a couple of parts. First, he provides information on how to set up a 404 page so that people trying to see a non-existent ASP.NET page get routed to a nice-looking 404 handler page, and then, second, he provides a Chalk extension to respond with the proper 404 status code, and one to register the page that was...