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Making an AWS static website EVEN MORE secure

OK, so we have a secure website, hosted on Amazon S3, and served up via HTTPS by CloudFront with an Amazon SSL Certificate. But, as we know from last time, we also have to express this security through our response headers. It was fairly easy with Azure – after all, it’s “just” IIS back there, and web.config is the answer to everything once you know the magic incantations – but how to do the same thing on AWS? For this one, I am indebted to an official Amazon blog post: Adding HTTP Security Headers...


Static websites and Amazon

For the longest time now (I see it’s getting on for five years ), I’ve owned . It’s a handy website for those times I’m talking to someone I don’t know and I don’t have any business cards on me, yet I want to exchange contact details. I just say, remember “I met Julian” the next time you’re at a PC. Works pretty well. For fun, I even self-host it here at home, using an old Dell XPS something-or-other and Windows Web Server 2008...


Using Amazon S3 for serving images

In my previous post on the K&E Deci-Lon slide rule , the normal sized images in the text were linked to some monster images for extra detail (and there is a lot of detail in a finely-machined slide rule — it's geek porn!). Since each monster image was of the order of 3 to 4MB in size I didn't want to soak up my fixed-sized, limited Go-Daddy bandwidth to host them. About a year ago I'd signed up for Amazon S3 for off-site backup purposes using Jungle Disk . That's been working very well for me...