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Six squared & five squared

Today, April 29, in 1993, I boarded a plane at Gatwick in the morning, and alighted late afternoon at Stapleton Airport in Denver. From there I rented a car and drove down to Colorado Springs and my new job at TurboPower Software. I’d never been to Colorado before. This was 25 years ago today. I was a mere stripling, having just turned 36 years of age. Visa and entry stamp I’d left my job at Deutsche Bank the previous Friday and had driven up to my parents the following morning to drop...


Scenes from my programming past: Puzzles IV

In which I take a look at the fourth puzzle in the set of five that I had to solve in FORTRAN in my early programming days. The others are here: one , two , three . Without further ado: My friend Gogol is a whale for cryptarithmetic. He has two children called, of course, Fleur and Angio. Why ‘of course’ you may ask? Well, Fleur was born on FL/E/UR and Angio on AN/G/IO. Gogol himself was born on GO/G/OL, seeing that FLEUR + ANGIO = GOGOL. Each different letter stands for a different digit. Thus Angio...