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It lasted just over a year

Back in June 2015, I got my (replacement) CST-01, “the world’s thinnest watch”. I wrote about it at the time , mainly because of the stupendous crash-and-burn that the Kickstarter for it turned out to be. The watch is a lovely thing, to be sure. Well, I am sorry to report that, this weekend, after just 14 months of ownership, recharging every five to six weeks or so, the battery has now completely died. The watch only works if it’s plugged into the power charger. Unplug it, and the watch just shows...


CST-01: the world’s thinnest watch

OK, this is a weird one. Well over two years ago now, there was a Kickstarter for a watch . Not just any old watch, or even a smart watch, just the thinnest one in the world. It’s 0.8mm thin, or, for you non-metric types, 0.00315 inches. All it does is tell the time. So, I plonked down my $99 as one of the original backers and pretty much forgot about it, as I do with anything I back on Kickstarter. For those not in the know, Kickstarter is a site that helps people gather money (that is, backers...