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Eulogy for Alan T. Bucknall

Three years ago today, we held the funeral for my Dad. He’d died of a second heart attack ten days earlier on the 21st December, the first one being a week earlier than that; I’d flown back on some last minute flight in between into the worst winter in the Dales for many a year. Mum asked me to write and deliver his eulogy in church. Here it is; it still fills me with an unending sadness. Eulogy to Alan Thomas Bucknall By Julian M Bucknall Last Wednesday, for the first time ever, I went to the Register...


Bye, Mum

To say that the last three to four months have been grim is to understate it somewhat. On 13 December last year, in the middle of the night, Dad had a cardiac arrest and, being Dad, did nothing about it until the next morning when finally he was rushed to hospital. He died a week later of another heart attack, on 21 December. Yesterday morning, Colorado time, I got a text from my sister saying Mum had been rushed to hospital with breathing problems that afternoon, UK time. Mum was looking for a warden...