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Automating the pasting of code in blog posts

So, just before Christmas, I switched to using a client-side library to highlight the code in my blog posts . The library I chose was Prism JS , and it works by marrying up some JavaScript and CSS to specially decorated pre and code elements so that their content (the code itself) is highlighted nicely. Specially decorated? Yep, it looks like this in the HTML: <div class="jmbcodeblock"> <pre><code class="language-foo"> _the code to be shown highlighted_ </code></pre>...


Highlighting code in blog posts

Once upon a time, I wrote a plug-in for Windows Live Writer that took code that had been copied from Visual Studio to the clipboard and converted it to an HTML pre block for my blog posts. The different colors were maintained during this conversion (in essence VS copies the code as RTF) so that the code displayed here in my blog posts would be nicely highlighted. I even published it to GitHub so that it could also be used for Open Live Writer too. That was then, but this is now. Advantages: it’s...