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Scam HTTP_REFERER problem

My wife has a small blog for her hobby. I am, for my sins, her IT guy for it. She posts to it about once a week, maybe twice, and of course, after every post there’s a small uptick in views. All nice and normal. About a couple of months ago, I began to notice something weird happening. There was one post in particular that was getting 50-75% of all the views per day. There was nothing too striking about the post itself, but we laughed it off, imagining that it was obviously remarkable enough that...


HTML5 and validation issues with this blog

OK, I was nuts. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? But what the heck, it’s part of the technology stack I’m supposed to know and use and promote, and furthermore I have a text editor and know how to use it. The issue is I’ve switched this blog to HTML5 markup rather than XHTML, which is what it was before. No sweat, you snort, the doctype is way simpler: <!DOCTYPE html> and you can get rid of that other XML namespace gubbins on the <html> tag: <html lang="en"> Nice and easy...