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Postfix to infix, part 2: adding the parentheses

Once upon a time (all right, it was in May 2010), I wrote an article for PCPlus about generating all possible arithmetic operations with the standard four operators. You can read the article here . After I’d written it, I wrote a blog post about how easy it was to convert the RPN form ( Reverse Polish Notation ) of the expressions I was generating into the standard algebraic or infix form. You can read that post here . (Note that this post will make more sense if you read these two articles first...


PostFix to Infix: converting RPN to algebraic expressions

Yesterday afternoon I finished my latest PCPlus article on generating all possible arithmetic expressions with four operators. The article explored several algorithms, such as evaluating all full binary trees with a certain number of internal nodes (mine was four), evaluating an expression tree, and the like, and for the sidebar I slipped in a quick bit about RPN ( Reverse Polish Notation ) and how succinct it is for describing arithmetic expressions (there’s no operator precedence or parentheses...