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How to search a web page in Safari with iPhone/iPad (iOS7+)

OK: here’s the scenario. You’ve just loaded a long  text-heavy web page on your iPhone or iPad and want to search through it for a particular word or phrase. How do you do it? The problem is that the user interface no longer has a Search box on the screen in iOS7, unlike earlier versions of Safari. Similarly, there’s nothing in the browser’s underlying menu or options. How can I search this text? The solution, believe it or not, is to use the address box. No, really, bear with me. If you type...


Kickstarter, the Brydge, and the Surface RT

So, a while back, I backed a Kickstarter project called the Brydge . This is a keyboard for the iPad (2nd to 4th generation) that seems to magically attach and makes the iPad into a kind of Ultrabook. It even had speakers and its own power. I thought it sounded pretty nifty so I went for it at the $180 level. Well, after a couple of design changes and delays (the usual kind of thing that happens to a Kickstarter project, I’ve found) my Brydge finally arrived today. And I’d have to say it’s pretty...