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New option in JSLint for multiple var declarations

Yesterday evening as I was putting to bed a few changes to this blog’s JavaScript (that would provide fodder for my continuing series on functional JavaScript), I decided to update the version of JSLint I was using in Sublime Text. When I had done so, suddenly my JavaScript file produce a huge slew of warnings that had not been there before. Whaaaat? OK, first things first. If you are using the Sublime-JSLint package in Sublime Text, it’s a good idea to update it on a regular basis. There’s only...


JSLint and recursive functions in JavaScript

The one issue that’s weird about JavaScript that I’ve found is that it has no compiler: the first time you find a bug is when you run your code, not when you compile it. So, since I’m adamant about writing “good” JavaScript code as I write it, I’ve installed a couple of JSLint plug-ins, one for Visual Studio and one for Sublime Text . JSLint is Douglas Crockford’s linter for JavaScript and, although utterly (perhaps barmily?) strict in certain areas, is the one I’ve settled on for checking/validating...