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CORS and MIME types

Direct, it seems, from the pit of “Code bugs only manifest themselves when you least expect them” horrors, comes this doozy. If you have read a couple of recent blogs posts you’ll know that I’ve been slowly, step by step, making my various domains secure. (This one is the worst offender, but is also going to take the most effort because of *cough* GoDaddy *cough*, and its peculiar rules regarding SSL certificates.) One of the recent ones was my URL shortening domain . Five years ago, I wrote...


Adventures with JSONP and jQuery

This whole thing started out as a nice-to-have. I have a blog (you’re reading it). I have a URL shortener ( They are separate apps on separate domains. When I publish a post here, I diligently create the short URL for it manually in order to publish that short URL on social sites (the URL shortener has some minimalist stats associated with each short URL; so minimal, it’s only a count of the number of times it was used). Yeah, I know, silly, huh: why can’t each post generate its own short...