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Programming the Extras tab

A reader asked me how the Extras tab on my blog was made. It’s a bit of CSS and a bit of JavaScript, so let’s describe it all. The first thing to note is that I wanted to clean up the way my blog looks so that – first – it’s simpler, and – second – to make the blog look good on a mobile device. To that end, as I mentioned before , I converted the CSS to LESS so that the whole experience of writing the styling was made easier. With regard to the tab, it’s still hard to get CSS to display text vertically...


Thinking LESS of this blog

Over the weekend, I spent some time updating the CSS (cascading stylesheet) of this blog. There were two main purposes for this: Less and @media queries. First of all, LESS . This is an open source compiler that imposes some much needed structure and programming ability to CSS. For example, it gives you variables, mixins, nested rules, arithmetic expressions, and so on. The compiler will compile code written as LESS into a standard CSS file, which the browser then uses as normal. There are a couple...