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Thinking functionally in JavaScript – a fun interlude

I’ve been talking about functional JavaScript for a few posts, but, to be honest, it’s nice to put the theory aside and just practice thinking and writing functionally. With that in mind, let see what we can do about fixing some “copy-n-paste” code. I bought a theme for this site a month or so back – you’re looking at it. As part of the theme, you get some HTML showing what various types of pages look like, the CSS to render it all, and some JavaScript. Usually the HTML/CSS is fine, but then I take...


Thinking functionally in JavaScript (part one)

Over the Christmas break, when traditionally things are a little quieter at work, I do a bit of research into topics that interest me and that might have some bearing on our future products. This year was no exception and I decided to investigate React , Facebook’s library (framework?) for building user interfaces for the web. It’s a fascinating library to be sure (and I’ll talk more on it in another post), but there was one paradigm it uses which I haven’t really talked about before: immutability...