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Trying out Moblin 2.0 beta

Last night, I read about the new netbook OS, open source but funded by Intel, called Moblin . It’s been designed and implemented especially for Intel Atom-based netbooks, such as the Dell Mini 9 (Inspiron 910), and so I decided to give it a try. So, I followed the excellent instructions on the website, downloaded the disk image, set myself up with a bootable USB drive containing said image, and booted the Mini. The OS’ UI is very intuitive and, dare I say it, cute for a netbook. It makes excellent...


Phoenix WinPhlash utility: error -144

Putting this up there in case anyone else runs into this weird error. Also trying to write the text using all the search terms I used. The BIOS for my Dell MIni 9 was at A04, and Dell have just released a newer version A05. So I downloaded it onto my machine from their support center and started the flashing process. The update uses Pheonix' WinPhlash program to flash the BIOS. Actually let's back up. You download an executable, sure, but what it does is to unpack itself in some folder or other and...