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Moneyspire, a month later: the UX

(This post follows on from a couple of earlier ones, one , two , as I seek to replace Microsoft Money for my personal financial accounts.) In my main job, I work for DevExpress , a company that designs and writes user interface components for other programmers to use in creating the visual aspect to their applications. Controls like menus, ribbons, grids, charts, dashboards, reporting, what have you. We spend a lot of time in the design phase, working out how a particular control should work, not...


Fixing the import from MS Money to Moneyspire

Waaaay back when, in early 2017, I published a small series ( one , two ) on replacements for Microsoft Money . One app which almost made the grade was Moneyspire . However, even that had some issues, of which one was insurmountable at the time: transfers between accounts were imported twice, making the end result of setting up your accounts in Moneyspire a complete and utter mess. I abandoned the move and continued using Money. Nevertheless, Moneyspire improved in the interim and I paid for the...


Replacing Microsoft Money – Moneyspire

Next on my saga of finding the best replacement for Microsoft Money – well, OK, the best for me – is Moneyspire . Actually, I half-heartedly tried this out some 8 months ago, but I wasn’t feeling the urge at the time and I stopped. At that time they produced a free version for a single account (if I recall correctly) but that’s now been dropped: you can get a two-week trial version with limited accounts and transactions, or pony up some cash for the Basic or the Plus version. I Paypaled $75 for the...