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Three quick takes on HDR

Every couple of weeks (on payday essentially, so I remember to do it), I go searching through my photo collection for a new Facebook cover image. There’s a couple of reasons for this I suppose: one, I like having cover images that change periodically since it allows me to show off some photos that I’m proud of; and, two, it forces me to continue to learn how to take what you might call good photos. I do not pretend to be a great photographer, but I continually try and cultivate an “eye”...


Down From Kisdon Hill

In September this year, we went, as is usual, to England to see my parents and have a holiday. Well, the weather this trip was pretty bad, rain, rain, and flooding, but on one day it was brilliant sunshine and so we walked up Kisdon Hill behind my parents' house. On the way down, I tried out a little experiment in animation. I took a photograph every 3 paces as we came down. It made the downhill walk take much longer than the uphill walk, but, as I say, it was a day full of sunshine and it was good...