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A birthday shock

Today is my birthday. For the first time ever, my sister Nicola sent me a text to say Happy Birthday. Yay for modern technology, especially international texting of birthday wishes from England. Her sending me a text wasn’t the shock though. The shock was the previous texts displayed on the timeline: the last time she texted me was when Mum was dying in hospital two years ago. So yeah, yay for modern technology. Especially the fact that I still have texts from two years ago saved on my phone. Sigh...


Bye, Mum

To say that the last three to four months have been grim is to understate it somewhat. On 13 December last year, in the middle of the night, Dad had a cardiac arrest and, being Dad, did nothing about it until the next morning when finally he was rushed to hospital. He died a week later of another heart attack, on 21 December. Yesterday morning, Colorado time, I got a text from my sister saying Mum had been rushed to hospital with breathing problems that afternoon, UK time. Mum was looking for a warden...