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My new homepage

There’s a TV program on the BBC at the moment that we’re watching called Celebrity Masterchef . In it a bunch of celebrities (90% of which are completely unknown to me) tackle preparing and cooking dishes, competing against each other for the best one, well presented. There’s a couple of jokey judges (who I again have never heard of) to shake their heads in wonderment at the inability of the “celebrity in the street” to actually cook something appetizing. After watching a few of these, we’re getting...


It's all changed

Welcome to my new "real" blog. It's been a while since I last posted, and I think it had to do with the process of blogging with my old tools. It was, to be blunt, very much a hands-on kind of thing: I'd write the post as a text-file and then put the right HTML markup (with CSS styles) around it all. Tedious wasn't really the word. I've got really used to Windows Live Writer on my other, company, blog, and I really wanted to use that program to write. I'd also bought an early copy of Graffiti CMS...