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PCPlus 298: Solving Rubik’s Cube

Ah, memories, memories. For September 2010’s issue I wrote about how to solve Rubik’s Cube , and it allowed me to revisit my days at Kings’, London, when I first came across the puzzle. Back in those days (and probably even now), the Maths Society at Kings had a fun weekend away in Windsor Great Park where we’d have talks about recreational mathematics. (Yes, I know, many people don’t think “recreational” and “mathematics” can be in the same sentence, but bear with me here.) Of course, it was an...


Rubik’s Cube iPhone app

A couple of months ago I finished an article for PCPlus about algorithms for solving Rubik’s Cube. It’ll appear in issue 298 in September 2010. As part of my research I came across this article and video on Wired about an iPhone app that helped you solve it and, more than that, solve it in a remarkably small number of moves (usually 20 or fewer) using Kociemba’s algorithm . The free app (called CubeCheater) was written by Eric Faller. Unfortunately it seems he didn’t request permission from Seven...