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Internet Corporation Listing Service,

They're baaaaack! Back last December I got an invoice — er, sorry, a solicitation for services , cunningly disguised as an invoice — from this company for another domain I administer. I wrote it up as a blog post , shredding the invoice, oops, solicitation afterwards. Well, they just sent me one for, this here domain what you connected to for these pearls of wisdom from yours truly. And the price has gone up to $65! And still they'll accept checks only (because it's too easy for you to...


It's scammy letter day!

It must be my birthday or something for, in opening up all the mail that came while I was away in the office in California (my wife doesn't open junk mail or bills), I came across two letters that are deceitful to the n th degree and borderline scams in my opinion. Ooh, let's see! The first is from Internet Corporation Listing Service, ICLS. Man, this is a doozy: it looks like a bill, and just like a bill, it has a tear-off portion at the bottom so you can mail in your check (no ability to use credit...