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Impressions on the remo+ DoorCam

A couple of months ago, I read about a new security camera for your house: the remo+ DoorCam . It’s a motion-detected security camera, but waaaaaay simple to install and configure and use. We have stucco and unfinished stone on our outside walls and that makes it a pain in the neck to install security cameras and the like, and that’s even before you have to worry about the power line. I’ve even had a Ring doorbell sitting in its box for the last six to seven months, because to install...


The Talented Mr Steve

So this happened… The phone rings. The caller id says “STS” from 949-203-0674. I know who it is; I track scam phone numbers: it’s a hobby when you work from home. I answer. “Hi, this is Julian.” Clicks, buzzes, then: “Hello, this is Steve from [somefakename]’s Tech Support Department.” “Oh, yes?” “We’ve noticed that something is wrong with your computer. My error report says it is no longer updating.” “Interesting. Which one?” “Pardon?” “I have three I use regularly. Which one?” A worried silence...


Routers: the next big security hole

There I was, minding my own business, when I came across this article in ArsTechnica: “ Dear Asus router user: You’ve been pwned, thanks to easily exploited flaw ”. I read on avidly, because, well, I have an Asus router, an RT-N66U to be precise and the subject of this article. It seems that some hacker had taken advantage of a security flaw in Asus routers, first described – wait for it – 8 months ago. The report on that flaw is pretty scary security-wise: access to...