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Adding sharing links to the blog–JavaScript edition

The story so far : in essence I’ve added AddThis and Google +1 support to this blog using their “simple” markup. Unfortunately, the simple way breaks XHTML validation using the W3C validator because of the non-standard attributes ( addthis:url , addthis:title ) and elements ( g:plusone ). As I said previously, time to break out the JavaScript. Let’s do this in reverse order, starting with the +1 button. The reason for doing it this way round is that Google’s documentation was easier to follow, and...


Adding sharing links to the blog

Up to now, I’ve used an old plug-in to GraffitiCMS to serve up a set of sharing buttons on this blog. Old as in the code used to have (until I took it out) a link for Furl – remember that? No, I don’t either. photo © 2006 MyEyeSees | more info Prompted by a blog post by Nick Hodges , I signed up to AddThis and have now added their sharing toolbar to my posts. It wasn’t quite as simple as it made out though. I have two main type of pages where I want the sharing toolbar to appear: the index page and...


Access to Windows shares from Linux

I've spent a few hours recently investigating Mono for work. The intent is so that we (all right, I) can talk intelligently about what it would take to get DevExpress' controls working with Mono, rather than just say, no dunna work, or something equally as illiterate and uninformative. To make this easy for the likes of me, the Mono team have set up a virtual machine (VM) running SUSE Linux and containing a complete Mono install. Piece of cake you might say, and so it is. It was the matter...