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Shoestring: the full series

Suddenly, after many, many years, the BBC announced that complete set of Shoestring was finally going to be released on DVD. And so it came to pass in October last year. I put in my order chez , and it finally arrived on my doorstep. From the initial release of the first series (which I’d bought), it had taken some six years for that second series to be released on DVD, and I wasn’t going to let the fact that I had to buy the complete set deter me. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised...


Eddie Shoestring vs Dominic King

Just recently I’ve been watching the first series of both Shoestring and Kidnap and Ransom on DVD. The former is a BBC TV series from 1979 and the latter an ITV one from 2011, and both star Trevor Eve. 1979. I graduated in July 1979 with a BSc in Mathematics from Kings College, London and I started work for real at CAP London that September, programming. £4,200 a year if I recollect properly, and I started on PDP-11s before moving to RPG II on the IBM System/34. I remember watching the series that...