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New calculator: Sinclair Cambridge Scientific

While I was away last week in Vegas for the DevExpress Summit, my newest calculator was delivered: the Sinclair Cambridge Scientific. It was with a little bit of apprehension that I opened up the padded envelope on Friday afternoon to see what it looked like and whether it worked properly (sometimes sellers on eBay are a little, er, shall we say, enthusiastic about how good the calculator they’re selling is and somehow neglect to mention various obvious problems). This one was doubly worrying: the...


New calculator: Sinclair Scientific

I admit it, I am a helpless geek: I love collecting old calculators and computing devices. My wife thinks I'm bananas, and she may be right, but there's just something about holding something from the dawn of calculating electronics. A couple of weeks ago, I snagged a very nice looking Sinclair Scientific, complete in its original box with the manual. This is a tiny (for the time anyway; this was 1974) calculator in the Cambridge series from Sinclair, and purports to be a scientific calculator...