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Shoestring: the full series

Suddenly, after many, many years, the BBC announced that complete set of Shoestring was finally going to be released on DVD. And so it came to pass in October last year. I put in my order chez , and it finally arrived on my doorstep. From the initial release of the first series (which I’d bought), it had taken some six years for that second series to be released on DVD, and I wasn’t going to let the fact that I had to buy the complete set deter me. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised...


Street View through Stonehenge

Something I hadn't realized before (and I certainly don't remember reading about) is that Google have added Street View through the stones at Stonehenge . This is just the most wonderful use of Street View to date: Also, when the Google Street View guy wandered around the stones, I think they had exclusive access, since there's just not that many people around, caught in the photos. It's almost as if you were there alone. Great stuff. Now playing: Swing Out Sister - Stoned Soul Picnic (from Shapes...