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PCPlus 289: Solve Sudoku

So, a bit of fun for the Christmas 2009 issue: solving Sudoku puzzles efficiently. Not if you’re a human, you understand, unless you’re the type of human who likes programming, but from the viewpoint of discussing algorithms for solving via computer. Because, once you’ve programmed how to solve a Sudoku puzzle, it’s pretty easy to then generate puzzles to solve. I started off with a brute force technique (that is, try every digit in every cell, all the time following the rules about no duplicates...


The best Sudoku iPhone app (mostly)

I was chatting with Mehul in the DevExpress offices yesterday about writing iPhone apps with MonoTouch. He wanted to know what iPhone app had most impressed me, now that I'd had the phone for a little while and therefore what I might be trying to emulate in my own programming. My reply was Sudoku Grab . Yeah, yeah, I can hear you saying. There are a bazillion apps out there already that do Sudoku. What's so special about this one? Well, it's the grab part that fascinates me and that elevates this...