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PCPlus 321: Tilt-shift photography

This was one of those articles where I had to start from scratch with my research: I knew pretty much nothing about the subject. Sure, I was familiar enough with those photos of real buildings that looked as if they were made as a model on the kitchen table, but I had no idea how they were produced. I’d assumed that it might be some kind of digital post-processing of a photo, but I didn’t have any idea that you could purchase special tilt-shift lenses for DSLRs. I start off with the universal...


Tilt-shift on the cheap

You’ve probably seen those photos which look as if they are images of miniature landscapes. In general, they’re taken with special (hence, expensive) tilt-shift lenses. Normally when you take a photo, the plane of the lens is parallel to the plane of the CCD sensor in the camera (or film, if you’re that old). This means that the focused object (which we also assume to be in a plane parallel to the other two planes) is in focus across the whole sensor. The portions of the field of view that are closer...