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PCPlus 326: Turing and his machines

In August last year, I read Alan Turing: The Enigma by Andrew Hodges, which turned out to be an excellent biography of Alan Turing, especially so since 2012 was the centenary of his birth (I’d bought the Centenary Edition). Hodges is a mathematician and I certainly appreciated the way he described Turing’s inventions and mathematical insights. Despite (or in spite of) that, Hodges detailed Turing’s life and death in great detail, without causing the reader to flag and get bored. The description of...


PCPlus 313: Evaluating a human

I can’t remember the genesis of this particular article on the Turing Test, but this year being the centenary of Alan Turing’s birth certainly makes it very apt a year later. In essence, in the early 50s Turing was considering the question: can machines ever be said to think? He was at the time involved in the building of the first general-purpose computer and, based on his work with the theoretical programmable machines now known as Turing machines, was pondering how intelligent these computers...