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Converting GraffitiCMS from VistaDB to SQL Server on GoDaddy

Is that SEO-specific enough, do you think? Heh. Anyway, here's the situation. I started this blog using GraffitiCMS about a year ago, previously having used static web pages created with CityDesk . All my sites are hosted on GoDaddy : I went with a Deluxe hosting option which means I can host pretty much as many sites as I want to in the same single folder tree. At the time — can't remember why — I decided to stick with the default VistaDB as the database instead of opting to...


Fixing site problems

Bang in the middle of my trip to Los Angeles for PDC, on 15th November, this GraffitiCMS site you are reading ( ) went down. Hard. It seemed to happen just after my last post as well. I added a "site under repair" default.html file to the root directory while I investigated (it would be picked up first if no filename is entered in a browser address bar). I had absolutely no idea what was wrong. I couldn't log into the site (indeed, the main page didn't even...