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Scammy auto warranties, part 4,268 (approx)

Amazingly, my most popular post here on my blog has nothing to do with algorithms or data structures or Javascript or indeed anything to do with programming. It’s a post I whipped up 3 years ago about buying my wife’s Acura off the lease and then getting bombarded with dodgy and scammy “Auto Warranty” postcards and letters. Well, it happened again. Not because of buying a car off a lease, but even better. Quick bit of background: a month or so ago, my wife was called out to Fountain, which is just...


The Auto Warranty sleaze, part deux

A couple of years ago, I wrote what turned out to be one of the more popular posts on this blog: The Auto Warranty Sleaze . It was about those dodgy-looking letters and postcards you get once you, say, pay off your car lease or loan, exhorting you to get an extra warranty on your engine or transmission or whatever, because it could all go wrong at any moment . Normally, I just shred them and get on with my life, but every now and then there’s one that just makes me laugh. This latest one is one of...


The Auto Warranty sleaze

A month ago, we purchased my wife’s Acura off the lease. She’d done less than 30,000 miles in the three years she’d had it, there was nothing wrong with it, and there wasn’t anything available for the models she liked, in the colors and with the luxury level she was keen on. So rather than worry too much about that elusive new car, we just bought the current one off the lease. Maybe in a couple of years there’ll be something she likes and we’ll consider what to do then. Anyway, this is not about...