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Why I won’t use WordPress, in one image

From a site I’m the webmaster for, a list of requests that caused a 404 not found error: PHP attack! In essence, this was an automated attack, as it happened all within a couple of minutes (the list goes on for a second and third page). Some script kiddie running a script that was trying to get some response from the assumed PHP that’s running the site. Requesting a whole bunch of PHP files, one after the other. In fact it’s probably four kiddies (unless it’s the same kiddie trying four times, because...


Fishing expeditions and 404s

Kind of scary, but I’ve been using GraffitiCMS from the very early days when Telligent had it in beta, to the point when I plonked down $99 to buy it, through to today’s version which is open-source. That’s five-plus years, folks. There’s virtually no support or plug-ins for it any more, but it’s pretty easy to write your own anyway. It’s just ASP.NET with a few libraries. One of the plug-ins I picked up way back when was Scott Cate ’s 404 logging tool (it’s...