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Goodbye Dell XPS 13, hello Dell XPS 13

Last year, having tried out a Surface Pro 3 and disliking it, I bought a Dell XPS 13 ultrabook as my “travel” computer. This year? Well, Dell refreshed the range, added more memory and and a bigger SSD and suddenly I was looking at my 5-year-old Dell XPS 15z and thinking it was time to replace that. And what better way to replace it by having a single laptop that I used all the time? The other consideration that factored into the calculation was that the new XPS 13 not only has more “space” but it...


Hello Dell XPS 13

Once I’d resolved the Surface Pro 3 had to go , I had to decide what to replace it with. I’ve had a Dell XPS 12 for two years now and love it, apart from one drawback. It’s heavier than a “normal” touch ultrabook because of the swivel screen (it needs a sturdy frame). My wife has been using one of the original XPS 13s for three years and it’s wonderfully light, and I bought her one of the new ones with the “Infinity display” earlier this year to replace it. I’d have to say it’s a beautiful machine...


Dell XPS 13: the unboxing

Two days ago, the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook finally went on sale. Two days ago then, I bought one; no, no, no, not for me, you understand, but for Donna, to replace her old one. It’s the fully-kitted out one: Intel Core i7-2637M, 4GB RAM, 256GB SSD. I thought I’d quickly photograph the unboxing like they do on all the tech sites. It came in the usual “slap a shipping sticker on it” box: Inside that was the real box, just like a box of upmarket chocolates: Inside that was the plastic-film-wrapped ultrabook...